Our technology enables the production of multifunctional dendrimers that are consistent and scalable among batches.


Drug Delivery l Imaging l Poly amido amine PAMAM l diagnosis l Multifunctional dendrimers

Our novel 18F-labeled GSK3b inhibitors can cross blood brain barrier


PET Tracers l Neurological disorders l imaging l glycogen synthase kinase

An elegant approach to reduce the loss of efficacy of an anticancer drug in its conjugated form.


Trazine l Linker l Drug delivery l Tumor targeting l Cancer imaging

The technology relates to the anticancer prodrugs that can be activated by the two key enzymes overexpressed in metastatic cancer cells.


Anticancer drug therapy l Chemotherapeutic prodrugs l Cancer

Our first-in-class, broad spectrum viral inhibitors demonstrated high specificity and efficacy in inhibiting viral production by targeting a host cellular factor


Viral inhibitors

“We expect that by targeting FABPs endocannabinoid levels will increase within the brain, essentially resulting in anti-pain and anti-inflammatory effects.”


Endocannabinoid, FABP 5, FABP 7, Neuropathic pain, Inflammatory pain

Our hybrid virus enables the assembly of a single-backbone delivery system retaining the requisite genetic elements necessary for site-specific integration.


Adenovirus l Adeno-associated viruses l Rep78 Protein


miRNA, cancer therapeutic, colon cancer, small molecule

Versatile nanoscale graphene ocide (nGO) allowing new clinical methodologies and implementations.


microbial transglutaminase cross-linking, nanoscale graphene oxide doping, biocompatible, physiologically viable, low-cost, biomimetic, naturally-derived, cancer therapy, tissue engineering, drug deliver

New X-Ray Microbeam treatement for Alzheimer's Disease


Radiation therapy, X-Ray microbeams, Tissue-sparing effect, Computed tomography (CT) scanner, Profeinitor Glilal Cell, Cell Differentiation


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