Clean Energy

Electromagnetic regenerative shock absorbers with high energy density and compactness are designed.


Energy Harvesting, Vibration, Vehicle Suspension, Shock Absorber, Electromagnetic

A detachable product placed under an existing shoe insole, provides users with the ability to charge their lifesaving electronic devices.


piezoelectric-triboelectric materials, mechnical-synchronized switch harvesting on inductor Interface(M-SSHI)

Laser scribing technology has been actively developed for thin film solar cell fabrication taking number of advantages over mechanical scribing.


Laser scribing, thin film solar cell, in-situ process monitoring

New rapid and scalable method of cellulose modification of chemical particle properties.


Nanocrystalline cellulose, Functionalization, In flight, Surface modifications

The focus on harvesting aeroelastic vibration to electrical energy has received a lot of attention over the last few years. The goal is to convert airflow energy into electricity.


Hybrid transduction mechanism, Piezoelectric-Inductive, Flutter Boundary, Low Profile Wind Energy Harvesting


Supercapacitor, Graphene, High voltage, High Energy Supercapacitor

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