Development of novel CNN accelerator architecture and design methodology that breaks away from the commonly accepted practice.


CNN, Deep Learning, Convolutional Neural Networks, FPGA, GPU, Accelerator

There are no general means to match a given pair of virtual and real worlds. Technology includes a method to match both worlds and design a top notch quality map.


virtual reality, augmented reality, head-mounted display, redirected walking, warped space, planar map, geometry morphing, camera projection, real-time rendering, human perception

Novel way to integrate segment 3D radiology images.


3D volumetric data, Gestrue control, Multi-modality interaction of data

A single Light Emitting Diode which can produce two different wavelengths of light depending on the direction of current passing through the diode.


LED, IRSP, LED array, Dual color LED, Dual color laser, Semiconductor laser

Novel 3D user interface for the exploration of volumetric data, such as medical data in a clinical setting.


Augmented Reality, 3DUI, Volume Rendering, Medical Imaging

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