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A light weight, low-cost and easily transportable centrifuge that does not require electric power to operate

Nanofiltration technology with higher flux and a higher rejection ratio than existing commercial products, useful for many applications


Porous graphine oxide, Chemically cross-linking, Eectrospun scaffold, Membrane, Nanofiltration, Pervaporation, Desalination, Water channels

3D printing is a relatively new technology that has brought small scale manufacturing into homes and academic institutions across the globe.


3D printing, additive amnufacturing, compression scal, microreactors, non-invasive spectroscopy, optical window, flow chemistry, microfluidies,operando, chemical reaction

The present invention relates generally to x-ray spectroscopy and, more particularly, to an apparatus for focusing a von Hamos type crystal x-ray spectrometer, and a method for operation of same.


x-ray spectormeter, diffraction, energy resolution, x-ray fluorescence

A cost effective & anatomically realistic model for neonatal chest tube insertion and pericardiocentesis


Pericardiocentesis l Neonates l Chest tube l Pneumothorax l Inflatable lungs

Novel biomarker of decreased survival in patients with squamous cell carcinoma of the tonsils and tongue as well as a diagnostic marker for squamous cell carcinoma of the tonsil, tongue, and larynx.


Keratin 17, Squamous cell carcinoma, Head and neck, Tonsil, Tonge, Larynz

World’s first immersive gigapixel resolution display, offering more than 1.5 billion pixels


Tiled display, display walls, virtual reality, immersive environments

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