Electronics and Electronic Materials

Our computational model uses patients’ EHR data to achieve 97% accuracy in physician attribution


Physician attribution, Electronic health record

New battery system using naturally abundant, low cost materials with minimal environmental impact.


battery, group II, cathode, electrode

First attempt to design a practical direct conversion amorphous selenium detector with avalanche gain.


Selenium, Avalanche Multiplican Gain, Multi-well, Fabrication, Unipolar Time-Differential Charge Sensing

Development of novel CNN accelerator architecture and design methodology that breaks away from the commonly accepted practice.


CNN, Deep Learning, Convolutional Neural Networks, FPGA, GPU, Accelerator

3D printing is a relatively new technology that has brought small scale manufacturing into homes and academic institutions across the globe.


3D printing, additive amnufacturing, compression scal, microreactors, non-invasive spectroscopy, optical window, flow chemistry, microfluidies,operando, chemical reaction

Method to select and adjust the exciation light sheet dimension in a selective plane illumination microscope/light sheet in real time.


Selective plane illumination microscopy, light sheet microscopy

A single Light Emitting Diode which can produce two different wavelengths of light depending on the direction of current passing through the diode.


LED, IRSP, LED array, Dual color LED, Dual color laser, Semiconductor laser

Novel 3D user interface for the exploration of volumetric data, such as medical data in a clinical setting.


Augmented Reality, 3DUI, Volume Rendering, Medical Imaging

The addition of graphene and metal or metal oxide-modified graphene can significantly improve the performance of organic polymer solar cells.


Graphene, Energy, Polymer


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