Medical Devices

An MRI based Approach to Map Blood Brain Barrier Permeability in Human Subjects


MRI Imaging l BBB l Neurological disorders l Patient Stratification


microfluidics, device, single cell analysis, cell trappingm single cell processing, cell encapsulation

A light weight, low-cost and easily transportable centrifuge that does not require electric power to operate

Our technology offers a colorimetry based bedside gout detection device that can also distinguish gout from pseudogout


Diagnostic l Biomarkers l Urine diagnostics l Trace Biomarkers

Our technology offers a rapid, point-of-care trace biomarker trapping and detection device for diagnostic applications


Biomarker detection l Urine analysis l Point of care diagnosis

Proposed virtual pancreatoscopy allows physicians to better visualize the 3D geometry of the internal structure of the pancreatic duct.


Image segmentation, cirtual endoscopy, virtual pancreatoscopy, pancratic duct.

Our computational model uses patients’ EHR data to achieve 97% accuracy in physician attribution


Physician attribution, Electronic health record

Objective is to provide a two screen AMFPI detector system for digital radiography, with improved detective quantum efficiency and low cost and potential flexibility.


Digital radiography, X-ray detector, Intensifying screen, Indirect detector

First attempt to design a practical direct conversion amorphous selenium detector with avalanche gain.


Selenium, Avalanche Multiplican Gain, Multi-well, Fabrication, Unipolar Time-Differential Charge Sensing

Method to select and adjust the exciation light sheet dimension in a selective plane illumination microscope/light sheet in real time.


Selective plane illumination microscopy, light sheet microscopy


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