Research Tools and Reagents


microfluidics, device, single cell analysis, cell trappingm single cell processing, cell encapsulation

A light weight, low-cost and easily transportable centrifuge that does not require electric power to operate

Our protocol specifically recognizes three species of thymidine analogues allowing for the comprehensive analysis of cell division


S-Phase labeling l Cell cycle analysis l click chemistry l cell proliferation analysis

[18F]F-PABA differentiates S. aureus infection from sterile inflammation in rat triceps and mouse thigh infection models


PET Tracers l FDG l PABA l Bacterial infections

Cancer invasions is a central process promoting the continued spread of tumor cells. Preventing cancer cell invasion is recognized as the major goal for battle against cancer


Invasion plate l High Throughput Screening l 3-D assays l Anti-Cancer Drug

Our novel lipid replacement technology will make possible a range of membrane structure/ function studies


Cholesterol l Sphingolipids l Biological Membranes l Lipid exchange

Our technology enables the production of multifunctional dendrimers that are consistent and scalable among batches.


Drug Delivery l Imaging l Poly amido amine PAMAM l diagnosis l Multifunctional dendrimers

Our PEX-9 inhibitors selectively inhibit cell migration thereby reducing cell invasion that causes metastasis


MMP9 inhibitors l PEX domain inhibitors l anti-cancer l anti-metastatic l CAM assay

Our hybrid virus enables the assembly of a single-backbone delivery system retaining the requisite genetic elements necessary for site-specific integration.


Adenovirus l Adeno-associated viruses l Rep78 Protein


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