Research Tools and Reagents

Algorithm to incorporate previous normal-dose CT scan as the prior constraints to reconstruct subsequent ultra low-dose CT images.


Image-Guided Invention, Ultra Low-Dose CT, Previous Normal-Dose Prior

There exists a global demand for an approach to develop economical modular production plants to process feedstocks to transportation fuels.


Hydrogen sulfide removal, landfill gas, sour gas streams, effective sulfur removal

Enhanced fluorimeter with the ability to gather advanced information about properties of a sample under study and to compare data obtained using different equipment.


Flourimeter, Multidimensional spectrum, Modulation frequency, Light intensity, EEM

Novel class of flat sheet membranes for use in the Membrane Bioreactor System, to improve the fouling removal efficiency.


Elastic membrane, Hydrophilic, Membrane bioreactor, MBR, Flat sheet, Fouling control, Backwash

Electrochemical activation to generate meta-stable substances in various technological processes.


Cell growth, Cell culture, Polymer

Technique for the production of a low-cost, portable radiotherapy


Radiation therapy Othovoltage x-rays X-ray tubes X-ray microbeams Skin-sparing effect Tumor therapy

The present invention relates generally to x-ray spectroscopy and, more particularly, to an apparatus for focusing a von Hamos type crystal x-ray spectrometer, and a method for operation of same.


x-ray spectormeter, diffraction, energy resolution, x-ray fluorescence

Novel gas filtration membrane with high flux, high seperation performance, and adjustable porosity


Cellulose nanofibers, Polysaccharide nanofibers, Chemical cross-linking, 3-Dimensional network structure, Membrane, Air filtration, Gas filtration

Enables the creation of long length polymers that have a low distribution of molecular mass.


ROMP l Grubbs catalyst l Alkene isomerization l Ruthenium

Dominant marker for rapidly screening plasmid maintenance using a visual or fluorescence assay in both Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Candida albicans


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