Research Tools and Reagents

Method of creating a double barcode library in order to evaluate genetic or protein interactions on a large scale in cell pools


Protein-protein interaction, Genetic interaction, Drug screening, High throughput, Barcode Sequencing

A Protein Capture Probe with High Sensitivity, Low Noise and Easy Release of the Target Protein

Novel 2’-Deoxyguanine Analogs with Enhanced Binding Affinity and Selectivity in Duplex Formation


Purine analogs, DNA hybridization methods

This novel rat model for CAA and Alzheimer's has distinct advantages over the mouse models and provides an invaluable platform to investigate therapeutic strategies effective biommarkers


rat model, CAA, Alzheimer's, dementia

Electrophilic fragment–based drug design leads to new monocyclic, bicyclic, and tricyclic reversible covalent compounds with strong anti-inflammatory and cytoprotective properties


Fragment-based drug discovery, Acetylenic cyanoenones, Reversible covalent drugs, Therapeutics, Inflammation, Carcinogenesis

Targeted delivery and release of genes (DNA/RNA) for therapeutic and research applications.


Oxidized graphene nanoribbons, DNA, RNA, Endosomal escape, Nuclear delivery

"FISH-STICs” offers an RNA-FISH probe synthesis approach that is low cost and easy accessible

Novel enzymes that enable synthesis of large quantities of cyclic-diGMP at low cost.


Cyclic diguanylate monophosphate, Diguanylate cyclase, c-di-GMP


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