Screens and Assays

Cancer invasions is a central process promoting the continued spread of tumor cells. Preventing cancer cell invasion is recognized as the major goal for battle against cancer


Invasion plate l High Throughput Screening l 3-D assays l Anti-Cancer Drug

There are no general means to match a given pair of virtual and real worlds. Technology includes a method to match both worlds and design a top notch quality map.


virtual reality, augmented reality, head-mounted display, redirected walking, warped space, planar map, geometry morphing, camera projection, real-time rendering, human perception

Method to select and adjust the exciation light sheet dimension in a selective plane illumination microscope/light sheet in real time.


Selective plane illumination microscopy, light sheet microscopy

Method of creating a double barcode library in order to evaluate genetic or protein interactions on a large scale in cell pools


Protein-protein interaction, Genetic interaction, Drug screening, High throughput, Barcode Sequencing

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